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If we’ve never met before, welcome!

And if we go way back… then I’m even more excited. Because today we have a pretty sweet opportunity to do what’s never been done before (and make you sizably more financially secure in the process).

Any of this sound familiar?

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The truth is that EVERYONE starts like this.

Nobody has a crystal ball or a time machine.

Warren Buffet started small and made lots of mistakes.

So did John D. Rockefeller.

But these all-stars didn’t stay small. They had ambition and were dead-set on one thing: LEARNING from those who already knew the path.

Here’s a quote from 

Isaac Newton in 1675:

"If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants."

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It’s not about chopping through the jungle and forging your own path when there’s a ten-lane expressway just to your left.

TRUE success comes from looking up to those who have figured out it and then simply taking their advice.

I’ve been a business analyst for blue chip brands you’ve heard of, like Disney, Bank of America and Black and Decker.

And I’ve also been an analyst for billion-dollar corporations you’ve probably never heard of, like Pacific Life Variable Annuities and Allergan.

I’ve helped companies develop in the realms of fintech, blockchain, business scaling, investing, and market analysis.

And after my storied career, I now know it doesn’t matter if I’m consulting to a boardroom full of directors or coaching Bob from Oakland who day trades on his iPhone…

…The mistakes everyone is making are the same:

What if there was a way to jumpstart your market perspective so you could skip the “learning curve” and start yielding profits better than 95% of all stock, crypto, and options traders?

And what if you didn’t have to sell your kidneys or continue to “burn the candle on both ends” to do it?

The Answer:

The DCG Traders Mastermind Oracle Report

Updated and created for
“This information is INSANE….”

This report will give you the unshakeable confidence and practical, no-fluff, “here’s exactly what you need to buy” advice for turning clicks on a computer into wealth in your portfolio.

It’s updated with today’s advice and incorporates data and insight regarding what’s happening RIGHT NOW in the crypto, options and stock markets, and takes you by the hand and shows you exactly what to do if you want to make money.

You get:

This isn’t just loose philosophy.

I eat my own cooking.

You should know that the information you’re about to learn is how I base my own trades as well.

After over 30 years as a business analyst for Fortune 500s, I’d be crazy not to start to notice the trends.

I build cohesive, in-depth statistical models, and package that information into a single breezy, digestible piece of content for you.

There is no obligation to buy anything else—heck, most traders won’t NEED anything else.

I don’t lock you into a long-term “membership” through this purchase and you can use this information right now, today, and start making more educated, powerful trades.

Stop going it alone!

“Do what you’ve always done,” they say, “and you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.”

If life has become more of a juggling act of endurance than a fulfilling ride, this may be exactly what the doctor ordered to take the edge off, give you confidence, dispel your uncertainty, and best of all, but money directly into your pocket.

The R.O.I. is actionable and clear. It’s not uncommon for even new students who are brand new to trading pick up this guide, peruse it at their leisure, then instantly turn around and earn more than the price of admission… many times over.

Don’t let yourself marinate in fear, uncertainty or doubt for another minute.

Let’s take action.

To your success,

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